Advanced Distillation Technologies. Design, Control And Applications

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Distillation has historically been the main method for separating mixtures in the chemical process industry

Advanced Distillation Technologies Design, Control and Applications gives a deep and broad insight into integrated separations using non-conventional arrangements, including both current and upcoming process intensification technologies

Anton A

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However, despite the flexibility and widespread use of distillation processes, they still remain extremely energy inefficient

Increased optimization and novel distillation concepts can deliver substantial benefits, not just in terms of significantly lower energy use, but also in reducing capital investment and improving eco-efficiency


It includes Key concepts in distillation technology Principles of design, control, sizing and economics of distillation Dividing-wall column DWC design, configurations, optimal operation and energy efficient and advanced control DWC applications in ternary separations, azeotropic, extractive and reactive distillation Heat integrated distillation column HIDiC design, equipment and configurations Heat-pump assisted applications MVR, TVR, AHP, CHRP, TAHP and others Cyclic distillation technology concepts, modeling approach, design and control issues Reactive distillation fundamentals, equipment, applications, feasibility scheme Results of rigorous simulations in Mathworks Matlab Simulink

Kiss, has been awarded the Hoogewerff Jongerenprijs 2013

The author of Advanced Distillation Technologies, Dr

While likely to remain the separation technology of choice for the next few decades, there is no doubt that distillation technologies need to make radical changes in order to meet the demands of the energy-conscious society

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